Archived Projects


  • I previously made an Open Source Android app, GPS Share, which had 100,000+ active users and 2,000+ reviews. It's since been removed, as I've stopped maintaining it, Google has long ago "sherlocked" the idea, and I didn't keep up with requirements for listed software. See source code and AppBrain listing.
  • I also wrote a far less popular CharMap (character map) application for Android, a throwback to what used to be a standard application.


  • I wrote a database admin GUI for Pylons, a mostly disused frame, called PylonsDbAdmin.
  • As an alternative to Python's argparse, I wrote a declarative argument parser called Argfarce. Better options exist now.
  • webplier was my site-specific browser for Linux, inspired by Fluid.
  • GAEStarterKit was a project template suitable for using with Google App Engine's pervious versions.
  • NdbSearchableBase was an extension for Google App Engine's NDB datastore that made fields searchable using full-text indexing.